Artist Statement - Corinne Cowell

I have always been interested in narratives and they are a recurring theme in my work. Some of the areas I've focused on in the past are about the personal memories of grandmothers and family as well as identity and place.

My current work continues my interest in narrative. I’m concentrating on the natural world, and with environmental issues such as endangered species due to the continuing loss of old growth forests, as well as our societal transition through the prairies, and our historical impact on the landscape.

I use painting, felting and mixed media collage as a base for story telling. I greatly enjoy exploring new media and its interplay with the subject because I want the materials to be integral and relevant to the stories I’m trying to depict.

I am also very intrigued by the textural and mixed media potential of the materials I use on both a visual and an emotive level. These materials can range from raw wool, paint, photo transfer, and hand made and printed papers to horse hair.